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Wednesday gossip roundup


Kopites have been angered by Rafa's hesitation to utilise Alberto Aquilani. The wait may be over.

Aquilani may get 90 minutes of playing time next Wednesday against Fiorentina. Even though the game is a lost cause, fans would enjoy being able to see their £20 million player in action.

Benitez- “We are trying to improve him as quick as we can. But when you have a player who is not fit, he is always going to need time to settle into a game; if the game is tight and he makes mistakes, then you have a problem.”



At the Derby/Reading game over the weekend, Rammie the Ram, Derby's mascot, was guilty of a little mockary. Rammie raced over to Reading's Brain Howard and mocked him while Howard was on the ground and claimed that Howard was not injured. It turns out, however, that Howard was indeed injured and will now be out for 4-6 weeks after having metal plates inserted into his jaw. Rammie has written a letter of apology to Howard stating that he was wrong and blah blah blah.

Reading boss, Brenden Rodgers- "The injury was no laughing matter. The guy was just an idiot trying to make a name for himself. It was an act of stupidity. Hopefully the guy has learnt his lesson and won't do anything like that again."


C.TEV- ROONEY IS BETTER THAN MESSI. (he doesn't actually say that)

Carlos- “I’ve had the honour of playing with some great players. At United, I had Cristiano in my team and obviously I have Messi in the national team.At Boca Juniors I had striker Martin Palermo for a team-mate – he was very impressive. He was the one who put two goals past Real Madrid in Japan. But the one I like the most is Rooney. He has everything. He’s very complete. Plus we share the same humble origins. Although the humbleness he experienced growing up in Liverpool was obviously a bit more bearable than Fuerte Apache in Argentina, where I grew up.”

About his taste- “I watch Coronation Street now and then. I do like it. I don’t understand some things because of the language barrier, but it seems very good. Obviously I listen to Oasis. I really like their music. I met the Gallagher brothers when I first arrived at City. They seemed like really good guys and we were on the same wavelength, in tune with each other straightaway. I like their music and they like how I play.”

Pic by the Sun.

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