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Arsenal boys backstage filming clips!

Why, yes!
(From their recent charity escapade...)
For more... click! [Kickette is the source]

The videos: One and Two.

Can you spot me in the second one? Here is some help. That's me moving round in the background.

(: for those that know well I'm there, well done! Cookie for you.
For those who don't, I'm afraid you shall be tortured until next Wednesday when it shall be revealed in all its glory (no, not in that way....dirty minded person.)
Those that do know about what I'm being secretive about (is this confusing you yet?) will stay zipped, or else Theo the lion may pounce and eat you. Though alot of it is explained in the first link.

(Yes, I'm on there too, get me!...)

(P.S Hi everyone, this is my first post... yay! someone needs to bestow on me some wisdom on how to make a cut.)
Tags: andrei arshavin, cesc fabregas, charity has never been so sexy, club: arsenal, epic, footballers gone wild, huh huh huh, theo walcott, what kind of fuckery...

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