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samu don't cry, you're the best


If somebody can help with a translation of the note it could be excelent.

Source: MD

Samuel Eto'o He assures that " I should never imagine that my exit of Barcelona It would be so hard. There have been many injustices. The law of the football indicates that you have to go away of a place when your performance is not good. If it had been like that he would have accepted that they were changing me, but mine was more than good ".

" When it was said that for my character I had to go away of the club, how many companions went out in my defense? Not for what had been like a player, but because they knew my day after day ", the star player has thought now of the Inter of Milan in an interview granted to the program Report Robinson Of Channel Bonus.

" Since I went out of Barcelona I took the decision not to say anything that should affect the performance of my companions because I want that they gain everything. But I am disappointed by many people. If I say two, they will appear to Pep (Guardiola) And 'Seed drill' (Laporta), but there are many more persons inside this club that I have been upset with ", emphasize '9' that it has been vital in the conquest of the last two Leagues of Champions.

" If you are a man you say it to the face: ' Here we are, this one is my way, my point of view and point '. But that finds out for the press about everything what had happened... The way like has acted with it I has been like fearfully. With something that one hides. It is as if they had decided it many months before ", remembers Eto'o.

" With 'Seed drill'... He knows. I will never permit to say to a chamber everything what I can reproach him. The last time that I spoke with him I said to him that she would never be upset with and I will defend him always. Not 'Seed drill' Not Guardiola They are the only ones that decide. There are others that hide and decide, but I am never going to name them. Always they have hidden ", has made clear the native of Cameroon to Michael Robinson.

" I have played with the biggest three "

" I have coincided with many players but I have played only with three phenomena. Ronaldinho, Andrés Iniesta And today, I read (Messi). But Ronaldinho In his moment it was impressive. When we were going out for the tunnel of Nou Camp He was saying to him: " Black, we are going to arm her ". And he was saying to myself: " You only he traverses, that you will receive always the ball ". It is a shame all to see him often suffering, but it does not remove what it has done. Thanks to him it turned the illusion to Barcelona And it is of the few ones that have marked the history of the football and of Barcelona", it throws the African battering-ram like honoring towards 'Ronnie'.

In his memories there are chapters that it has underlined. "Rijkaard In his moment he was the best trainer who could have Barcelona. But after so many victories it could not punish us because it was hurting him. We abuse often his confidence ", it indicates.

For Eto'o, " My better moment in Barcelona It was when I registered. The second one, in one Albacete - Barcelona. We needed to win because if Madrid It was winning could happen to us. Nou Camp It was full, abundance, abundance and the whole world was dependent on a goal that was not coming. I remember how I feasted the goal after marking. It could not believe it. We were going to gain our League! ".

" Another great moment was my first derbi -royal Barcelona Madrid. That night I did not sleep. I said to him to Ronaldinho: " Black, I hope that you are nice " and he said to me " I am to dying ". Not Roberto Carlos Not Iker (Cabins) They were hoping that it was stealing the ball from them, but it is that we were going to 2.000 and them to 10. When I came to house I thought ' this one is my first football match as professional indeed ' ", he has recalled.

The goal to the Manchester United in the finalísima

The last one Champions League Achieved as supporter of Barcelona Football Club it has a very particular history for the one who has been pichichi azulgrana for five years: " I Dreamed of this goal of Champions's final for many months. The morning of the final my father ordered me a message that I was late as 6 minutes in reading it. His life was counting itself, everything what had fought ... when I read it I wanted to eat up the world and the world for me was Manchester United. To strike my arm to celebrate that goal was like to say to my father that I was a blood of his blood ... but it did not know that that party was going to be one of my last parties with Barcelona".

The production of the program has showed him a video to Eto'o In that many fans are grateful for his contribution to him to the club and the gift of his successes, successes also for them. Eto'o It has coincided with a fan that he was sending a message: " the club stays but the players happen, exactly ". " The only thing that I say to the people is that always I have defended his vest with honor and pride and always I have left the soul. Only I ask them to rest always to Barcelona Because for me it is the best club of the world ", he has noticed.

And to finish he has said that " I want to say goodbye also of Spain Because Catalunya It has given me very much but Spain Everything has given me what I am today ".
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