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Lionel Messi Deserves Ballon d'Or

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Cristiano Ronaldo believes that Lionel Messi should win the coveted Ballon d'Or award and feels that Barcelona are still a better team than Real Madrid.

The Portuguese star was in generous mood, confessing that the Argentine achieved more than him last term and should be crowned Europe's best player.

Messi is seen as the favourite for the France Football prize, which is due to be announced in December, with Ronaldo also being mooted to retain the gong.

"He's the favourite. He won the Champions League, the Primera league title. Why not him? If he wins it, he will have deserved it," the Madrid star told France Football magazine.

Ronaldo was then asked about Barcelona and the differences between them and Madrid. He stated that, due to their unity, the Catalans are currently the stronger of the two outfits.

"Barcelona play better football [than Madrid], but why?" he continued.

"Because they have been together for several seasons, not two months. Barca are better than us today but the real question is, who will be in front at the end of the season?"

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