Javier Zanetti's OCD. (bustedflush) wrote in ontd_football,
Javier Zanetti's OCD.

Diego Forlan: Not Impressed by GQ!Iker

Forlan: "I've got the tan. I've got the freakishly defined torso."

Forlan: "Shit, I've even got the expressionless pout. Someone, give me a cover!"

Ah, yessss. Flexing and airbrushed within an inch of his life. Check it out -- not a single hair on his entire torso.

(I feel really gross about this, but when I first saw these pictures, I was sure they were of Lapo Elkann.)

That is a handsome man, especially now that he's got a little age on his face.

These pictures are old, but they will ALWAYS BE AMAZING.

Zanetti: "Oh no, no airbrushing here ladies. These are my real abs. You like?"

Cordoba: *says not a word, just deploys the power of his amazing, giant nipples*

... Where are the shirtless, faux martial arts pictures of Forlan, For Men people?
Tags: club: atlético madrid, club: inter milan, diego forlan, i would hit that so hard, oh god please yes, sexy older man alert

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