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Pennant accuses Rafa of 'restricting' Liverpool

No one on the current squad will do it, so let's have former Kop legend, Real Zaragoza superstar, JERMAINE PENNANT to do the talking:

"I don't see how a player can play at an average team and be great and go to Liverpool and be not as great," Pennant told the Guardian. "Liverpool have had some great strikers come and go - Robbie Keane is scoring goals at Tottenham, Peter Crouch is scoring now. It didn't happen at Liverpool: it must be about how the manager relates to players, how the tactics are and how he restricts players. The coach plays a big part when you arrive at a new team. If he restricts you, it's going to make you play differently."

"He's a great manager and there are times when he is a genius but sometimes his approach can take the best out of you," said Pennant. "Liverpool are a great side but they need to let loose and express themselves a bit. Look at Barcelona - you don't see them restricted, you see them breaking all sorts of shackles and they win things. Maybe if Liverpool went that way a bit they would be even better."

"When I was there, sometimes I would like to get the ball and not even beat the man, just put it straight in. And he would be shouting: 'Go to the byline.' He'd say it before the game and, if I had put a ball in early, as I was jogging back he'd be there gesturing for me to get to the byline. You think, 'Give it a rest. Can I just play like this? Can't I just express myself?' He's a great manager but his approach can take the best out of you."

"i just want 2 express myself"


Well Rafa did bring in Fernando Torres and made him go from an average striker who was only idolized in Spain to one of the most prolific goal scorers in the world. He's a lazy shit and maybe like Babel he was a player of potential who got lost in the system of the manager, but please, you were a flop because you showed no drive, was always late for training and oh ya, you're actually not that good! Most of us can agree that Rafa has been lacking as a manager for other reasons, but Pennant ruined his own career :)
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