annie (teenny) wrote in ontd_football,

Stuart Holden has not seen his willy in 2 years

Stuart Holden's choice of hairstyle lead me to assume that he is a douche. But then he does an interview (that he wins?) that makes me lol. Says Ricardo Clark is stupid, Brian Ching is fat, and he is going to be an actor like Brad Pitt (because his highlights deserve to be on the big screen). No word on when him and Robbie Rogers will be starting a boyband.

Him and the astronaut

I can feel the love

the bromance continues

Stu has an abnormal amount of pictures of Brian Ching eating

or maybe he IS just always eating

uh OK

this is his bobble head

this is a bunch of his bobbleheads that his teammates put on his locker. lmao

his hot brother

I want his shirt

he has a shoe problem

according to Stu, he was on the same plane as the Idol contestants and he took a "stalker pic of Danny Gokey

aww Chuck Deezy.......get well soon bb

stuart's twatter =>
Tags: league: major league soccer (mls), nt: united states, twatter, twitter

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