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Aston Villa vs. Chelsea

Take the time to read the pictures on the wall, Ancelotti does.

Of course some of us may be too distracted by blurry Chelsea players to care.

Every single thing here is more interesting to JT than the camera.

Zhirkov got lost, or was replaced by a rounder, older man.

Imagine everything much smaller, and in here.

Cashley attempts to use a death glare, on really-tall-kid-that-I'm-not-sure-how-he-still-got-this-job-but-it's-a-Chelsea-shirt-so-I-guess-I'm-okay-with-this

Everyone is trying not to stare at Malouda's hair.

A lesser known reason for Cech's orange kit: it's ability to distract from hybrid cornrow-ponytails.

Warning: Staring at either thing for too long may result in blindness.

Cech's tunnel warm-up rocking is one of my favorite things.

While everyone else checks out the opposing team.

Or checks out their socks.

Or checks out the opposing teams socks.

Cech just rocks.

And sometimes sings.

But mainly just rocks.

He takes time out of his rocking to make a new friend.

JT gets a chance to practice his manners too.

And then it's back to rocking, or looking straight ahead with your hands on your hips if you're the captain.

The ref used to be the fourth official, the old ref called out sick and the delay was caused by having to find a new fourth official.

But as you can see, no one really cares.

They aught to make tunnels less hazardous for extremely tall goalies.

Essien is just REALLY HAPPY!!! And you should be too for a while at least, until Chelsea loses

Even Drogba is smiling.

The smiling continues on outside.

Essien's smile is more infectious than the schwein flu.

But far less deadly.

I cannot look at Deco and not think of a chipmunk, I'm not really sure how this happened.

Lamps must know that whenever he does that, at least one person is staring at his ass.

Cech works the lighting, while JT chats with the refs.

It's never too early to start.

As demonstrated here, the closer you are to Essien, the bigger your smile.

Pre-game huddle.

Which really consists of pre-game hugs.

Bosingwa just wants someone to hold on to, this game was intense.

Nothing can break Cech's concentration.

Chelsea's in the process of scoring, but where did it come from?

This man right here.

Who celebrates in the direction where there are no cameras filming. This will not do.

Don't get used to pics like this.

They'll be blurry again before you know it.

So just be happy while it lasts.

They hug because they can't high-five.

Deco takes a corner, I decide I want that camera mans job.

It definitely beats being the manager of Aston Villa

Ancelotti is too cool to care about this.

But Anelka makes sure he's alright.

Continued concern.

I wonder if this was counted in the injury time.

The cameramen thought this was necessary, you know, in case you somehow missed this before.

Did I mention how I wanted this camera mans job.

Yes I know they look ridiculous.

But I think it would be worth it.

All I have to say is:
From toothpaste for dinner
Looks like he's considering it.

Cech's in the middle of a beautiful dream.

Make that a nightmare.

Ancelotti is not pleased.

He is not pleased at all.

There are only two things that made Anelka smile today, hitting innocent managers, and being offside. I wish I could add scoring a goal to that list

Malouda found a way to have me stop making fun of his hair.

It's working.

Lamps is staring at the same thing I am.

I forget what he got the yellow for, but he probably deserved it.

Boring little half-time report.

Ancelotti is only being angry.

Because he doesn't want to cry :(

Opposing manager milks his 'injury' for all it's worth.

The blue on the ball doesn't match any of the other blues on the field, glad to see I'm not this only one this bothers.

What bothers me even more is another Aston Villa goal.

Although I always appreciate white shorts.

Lamps is sad.

JT doesn't know what to do.

So he yells at the ball.

No really, he yells at the ball.

Cut to Ancelotti being angry.

This is what happens when you let your rage build up.

This might be why Deco reminds me of a chipmunk.

Either that or it's his eyebrows this give him a fuzzy woodland creature-like appearance.

I really don't know.

Bosingwa goes down, but Lamps main priority is pulling up his socks.

Maybe the ref will do something about this.

Before you get too concerned about Bosingwa, go ahead and stare at Joey.

He's being ever so patient and helpful on the bench.

See, even the cameras know what you're looking at.

Bosingwa finally gets off the field.

The game keeps on going, and Chelsea continues not to equalize.

Let's see if Joey can do anything.

Apart from tying his shoe.

And adjusting his shoe.

And his socks.

And adjusting other things as well.

Long story short, no he doesn't, no body does, and 2-1 remains the final score.

The winnig [sic] stats.

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