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  • Have you ever had a question you were just itching for Philipp Lahm to answer, such as what are his feelings on rabbits, or why he prefers playing on the right, or what are his current plans in world domination? UEFA has decided to fufil our needs and will be asking him your user submitted questions on October 21, 2009 when FC Bayern faces Bordeaux (as he is in the midst of constructing the deus ex machina). Details/contact information are available here.
  • And for those who are following the Bundesliga, Lahm has provided new insight as to how Bayern should fix their problems, as he calls for new signings and the 'addition of two or three more players.' Not that they didn't sign eight during the summer. For those interested, Lahm talks about walking away from a move to Barcelona here.


Now introducing 2 out of 5 original members of the Backstreet Boys.

More questions about the Astroturf?


Some were on the lyrical significance of 'Larger Than Life.'

Certainly a phrase to describe this one's ego.

Okay, that was mean.

But on the bright side, Mario's tamed his mane/broccoli-head from yesterday.

"So where did he touch you?"

By the way today Schweini is the new Michael Ballack in that Daylife forgot the existence of everyone else.

In fact, there are probably enough pictures of Schweini here to create his own mood theme.

This face takes care of aggravated, horny, hot, indifferent, jealous, lethargic, melancholy, moody, morose, naughty and nauseated.

Maybe not so much the horny one though.

Mario's taken a rather positive outlook on the match saying that the team should concentrate on themselves first.

Stroke of genius, that boy.

And of course, the topic of the day was still Astroturf as the players are already beginning to suffer muscular problems.

"We've got decent defenders

. . .I think."

Do I spot Lahm attempting to grow a beard? Ironically, the same word could be used to describe that, well, I mean spots and patches. But nevertheless. . .

That calf muscle is the size of a grapefruit.

Schweini then attempts to put on his best Micha face and simultaneously loses his leg in the process. I'm not sure how these two events are related, but according to this picture they are.

Actually now that I'm thinking about this it's more of a semblance to Grandmother Willow --

"Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains. . .can you paint with all the colors of the wind? Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest" -- okay, I tried.

And here's Micha's daily cameo appearance, although he's looking especially haggard today.

But then again if I were looking at that group of strikers I'd be feeling the same way.

In the middle of training, Jogi decided to give his new pink scarf a go.

Evidently a 1 out of 10, even for Michael Ballack.

The eaglet appears to have caught a strain of Schweini flu. I'm waiting for him to start foaming at the mouth any second.


Everyone getting ready for the grueling practice on the Astroturf.

These are such an awkward set of pictures I don't even know where to begin.

I'm not sure who this person is.

In conclusion: let's do the hokey-pokey!

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