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Chelsea 1-0 Apoel

With Bonus Training Pics

And bonus cheekbones.

He's even toned down his hair so you won't be distracted.

Meanwhile at traning, some very important questions are answered. Like, "Who is the happiest player at Chelsea?" Essien

And, "What the fuck is Joey doing?" He might be trying to kick a ball.

Or maybe he's trying to kick a ball in the most difficult way imaginable.


I just don't know any more, but he seems to be having fun doing whatever he's doing.

According to JT everything is okay, so we're just going to move on.

He won a round of Thumb War against Ancelotti, so everything okay now.

It's much better than being stuck in a net at any rate.

Meanwhile, Deco tries to fly away.

But then he catches a glimpse of a football and decides to stay.

Anelka makes sure his head is as aerodynamic as possible, as Lamps wishes he cut his shorts a little shorter.

Everyone else seems to be thinking the same thing.

And then they played a game. Anelka is in the process of scoring.

Which can only mean that hugs, and butterfly shadow puppets are about to happen.

At least with their white shorts the watermark isn't as annoying.

Even better.

Anelka doesn't play favorites.

Happy, well coordinated, Ancelotti.

The last hour of playing was pretty ugly.

Cech had to use all sorts of body parts to make saves.

Shocked, well coordinated Ancelotti was the result.

Bye now, play better Sunday.
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