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Some London team vs. Some Greek team


Customary pre-match dino-high-fives put everyone in a good mood.

That dog is really happy about his dino-high-five.

Wouldn't it be great if more players just forgot to put on their uniforms?

Arsene exits discretely

The clothes problem is still not resolved.

Looking cesc-y alright. he doesn't like standing next to RVP.

There's a lot more thigh than usual in the Arsenal line-up.

And less earwax.

Those thighs must be very distracting.

The ref is French.

This man is French, make sure all your conspiracy theories come back to this point.

It's not often that silver foxes are on the field playing.

This one still knows how to work his angles.

RVP, devastatingly handsome, or just devastated?

Arsha joins the group of footballs who secretly want to be turtles.

Cesc channels his inner gunnersaurus.

There were a lot of corners, there were lots of shots of RVP like this.

The keeper tries to explain how he's still their #1, by denying Arsenal any chance of a goal.

Arsene continues to be French.

Yes, that man is using Cesc's ass to help him up.

And he takes his time.

First half recap.

I love it when men know the importance of stretching.

RVP is obsessed with making sure his shorts are on.

It doesn't improve his attitude.

I wonder if Dudu, knows Kaka....

No fights broke out.

Just a lot of arguing.

Even Arsha helps.

RVP doesn't fart stars, he gets a yellow card.

Eduardo starts warming up.

I'm not sure if you're allowed to do that in front of children.

Awe, there's man-love even among the medics.

Vela makes sure everything's good to go.

He's still at it...

Vela, his properly tucked in shirt, and his tongue finally make it onto the pitch.

RVP scores in the 78th minute.

More and more players join the hug until it reaches maximum capacity.

RVP pops out of the hug to keep a look out.

They break away just long enough for Arsha to score.

Yes, it was offside, but just look at the smile.

Look at it!

He even gets a piggy-back ride.

With one thing and another goal-celebration hugging turns into end of game hugging.

And Arsenal win it 2-0.
Tags: andrei arshavin, cesc fabregas, club: arsenal, league: champions league, picspam, robin van persie

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