magician10 (magician10) wrote in ontd_football,

Sameless promotion for my Zidane love

I hope I am not going to get killed if I do this but I've seen so much love for my dear Zi-do-me (I love that nickname btw) here that I thought I should show you my latest project.  No idea if some of you read my LJ Community about Zidane but I created a website to accompany it.

My aim is to create the biggest up to date archive about him online. And of course to remember his awesomeness. And to drool over him. But I already do that all the time anyway. I hope some of you join me.
I always search for material that isn't on the site, by the way, so feel free to contact me if you have anything.

Alright, happy drooling to everyone, over whoever it may be.
And I hope this won't be deleted. :)

Tags: zinedine zidane

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