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There Can Never Be Too Many Picspams

A Re-Introduction to Joe Cole Part Two

Chelsea vs Queens Park Rangers

He's here, He's there, He's every fucking where

Don't mind hisinteresting running face, just be happy that he's back in action.

The photogs must have set their cameras to "Unfortunate Portrait Mode"

And everyone's suffering from it.

Except for Joey's thighs.

It would have been amazing if he got a goal on his first day back.

But I suppose I could settle for some tongue action instead.

The Carling Cup brings out the newbies.

I hate being older than players.

Nets don't make for very good tissues.

Kalou needs to score more often and work on his hugging technique.

At least he's got the whole mind-meld thing down.

Football has made me appreciate vpl in ways I never had before.

Okay, games over take of your shirts now.

Another huge thanks to bunnysayboo for once again using her powers of the internet so we can have some nice big pictures to look at &hearts

Picspamming is hard work :)
Tags: club: chelsea, joe cole, league cup, picspam

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