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From Winger to Blinger!

RANGERS winger DaMarcus Beasley has beaten David Beckham - to be the first footballer with his own brand of BLING.

The US ace signed a deal with Scots jewellery firm The Diamond Studio to make his own range.

DaMarcus, 27, has the jump on brand Beckham - which has only managed fragrances, clothes and sunglasses so far.

He said: "I'm really excited about this. Jewellery is something I have always loved. I will be helping with designs and my signature will be on them."

The Glasgow firm made an £18,000 diamond ring for him. But his own dazzlers will go on sale from just £20 next month. Studio boss Summera Shaheen said: "We're also doing crosses and dog tags with black diamonds - it will have an urban feel."

source served sunny side up

This is clearly helping out his chances to get called back up to the national team...everybody knows Bob Bradley loves bling.
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