Lauren (elementarystars) wrote in ontd_football,

Vermaelen is just a cheap copy of Vidic and you know it.

A new football rivalry has been born! Bigger than United v Liverpool City. Bigger than Boca v River. Bigger than Real Madrid v Barca. Bigger than Gillingham v Swindon.


Last week phwoffy04 and I started an argument over Nemanja Vidic and Thomas Vermaelen. After several rounds of


We decided to settle this the ontd_football way. aka shamelessly stealing the Friday Night Smackdown idea.

We know, it's hard to choose between the two. Even Cesc is torn!

So, we've prepared some handy categories for comparison to help you decide.

Vidacountry v Vermacountry



Serbia has Ana Ivanovic, Novak Djokovic and this guy:

Belgium has Audrey Hepburn, Tin Tin, chocolate and this guy:

Vidaspawn v Verma-not-spawn

Vidaerobics v Vermaerobics

Bonus Sergio Ramos. This is pretty impressive.

But Vida has skills too!

Vidatackle v Vermatackle

I think it's safe to say Verma wins this category.

Vidatackle v Vermatackle X-Rated Edition...

Vidathigh v Vermathigh

Vermaboyfriend v Vidaboyfriends

Verma has a Nicklas.

But who needs Nicklas Bendtner when you have baby Serbs?

Vidalion v Vermalion

Verma does a very good lion impression.

Whereas Vidic looks like someone just shoved something where they shouldn't have.

Vidahug v Vermahug

Vidahugs are very tangly.

But they turn out good in the end.

Whereas Verma has this hugging thing down.

Vermapain v Vidapain

Good effort, Verma, nice flash of thigh there.

But the points go to Vida, who manages to get abs in there.

Vidatrophycabinet v Vermatrophycabinet

... Verma admits defeat in this category.

Vidateammates v Vermateammates

Vidawoman v Vermawoman

We have found no evidence of a Vermawoman. But really, who could beat this?

EDIT: There is in fact video evidence of a Vermawoman in the comments. My bad!

Vidabitchface v Vermabitchface

Vidasuit v Vermasuit

Vida works that suit even with his eyes closed.

So there you have it, all the evidence! Now it's time for you to decide!

Vida or Verma?

Tags: clash of the thightans, club: manchester united, nemanja vidic, serbia disturbia dumdumdeedumdumdumdee, sergio ramos, thomas vermaelen

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