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Words, Pictures and Chelsea


with guest-star RAIN

Time to set the scene

Introducing the hottest player at Chelsea, who's not quite ready for his close-up.

Much better.

Who knew a little water could make him even hotter? the more water, the hotter he gets...sounds like a fun experiment

Everything's better in the rain.

You have an excuse to flip your hair.

You have something to keep you company as you wait for something to do.

You can even get a free drink.

However, things that were pretty bad without rain, are even worse now.

And now a brief word from our sponsers: Thank you bunnysayboo for finding all of the above pictures (you know the giant ones you can't help but stare at for hours) &hearts

And now, the main part of the show: Awkward Moments

Hulk probably did not want to be the star of this section.

But he puts forth an admirable performance nonetheless.

JT is quickly stealing the show.

He has a lot of support behind him.

Along with background dancers.

Not to be outdone, goalies with stupid pants show off their skills.

Which primarily involves invading people's comfort zones.

This would have been a great day for the players to skip the underarmour.

But it's not a good day for players to have mystery stains on their crotch.


When you're improvising it's okay to use your legs as limbo sticks.

But no one can go that low!

Make sure this doesn't happen to you at your next party, and get an actual limbo stick.

Final act

Anelka's spirit animal is a butterfly, right now's he's still in a cocoon.

Slowly, he starts to emerage

Scoring goals is what really helps the whole process along.

In the end, you get a beautiful goal-scoring butterfly.

Who can really fly.

And for the encore we have Thighs, enjoy!

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