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Zizou at New York Fashion Week

The former French professional footballer, Zinedine Zidane, was the surprise star attraction when Yohji Yamamoto fielded his Y-3 sportswear collection at the Park Avenue Armoury.

At the end of the show, five models strode across the floor of the Armory toward the photographers' pit, each holding a Y-3–branded soccer ball. They stopped, and an enormous net unfurled a very long way from the ceiling all the way to the floor. A model stomped over to the photographers and handpicked one, bringing him out to play goalie as each of the women shot a penalty kick right at him. The photographer (and the audience) was tickled — even if the lensman would make a terrible soccer player, given that he was unwilling to put down his camera in favor of continuing to document the moment. Not that we can blame him. Surely having five models kicking balls toward your face is a fetish come true for someone out there.

Next, designer Yohji Yamamoto emerged, holding two soccer balls of his own. He dramatically turned toward a nearby seat, and gestured. French footballer and worldwide hottie Zinedine Zidane slowly unfolded himself from his seat. The music was practically drowned out by the sound of everyone in the audience gasping and reaching for their camera phones in unison, as we all realized exactly what was about to go down, and also how badly we were going to want to post the photos of it on Facebook.

Yohji plucked the same photographer out of the scrum. This time, the guy smartly put down his equipment, so as to better handle Zidane’s moves. Zidane lined up and shot, right into the photographer’s belly. Somewhere in the crowd, someone was frustrated that he was denied the opportunity to yell “Goooooooooooaaaaal!” I think I love this journalist After Zidane showed us all what he was made of, Yohji took his own penalty kick. We’d provide more details about his form, but we were too busy asking each other if we just saw what we thought we just saw to pay too much attention.

Look, fashion.

I'm having conflicting feelings about the shoes, but it's Zidane, he can do whatever he wants.

Some one might have to go over the rules of penalty kicks for Yamamoto. for one thing it involves using your feet

I can guarantee you that this really happened.

How many millions of dollars do you think this shot will earn for Y-3?

Conclusion: Zizou is still hot.

Sources that go more into the fashion, if that's your sort of thing or if you want to know where you can look like this:
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