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The Billionaire and the Mountain

Roman Abramovich, the billionaire owner of Chelsea Football Club, has abandoned an attempt to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro after collapsing more than 4,000ft from the summit.

With bonus swimsuit pictures in the comments

Lies Lies Lies

A spokesperson for Chelsea says: ""Roman Abramovich did not collapse, develop respiratory problems, altitude sickness or require medical attention during his recent trip to Mount Kilimanjaro.

"The expedition was properly prepared and those in the group who wanted to reach the summit did so without incident.

"Furthermore, despite claims to the contrary, Guus Hiddink was not a member of the expedition, as he was in Britain leading the Russian national football team to victory over Wales."

Oh well, it made for an interesting post, at any rate.

The 43-year-old was carried to safety after experiencing breathing problems during a failed attempt to ascend the mountain in Tanzania last week.

He had invited a group of six friends to scale the 19,330ft summit, but the expedition had to be cancelled at 15,100ft.

Mr Abramovich's group tackled the western breach, which is the most difficult approach.

The party, who flew in on the oligarch’s private Boeing 767, took with them 113 porters which is roughly 16 porters per person, the Sunday Times reported.

These men are mostly likely not porters.

This is why they needed so many porters.

This is the more delicious reason.

It was reported that Guus Hiddink, Chelsea’s interim manager last season, was among the group. Doesn't everyone invite former managers on mountain expiditions?

Imagine this, only up on a mountain.

Mr Abramovich succumbed to what appeared to have been symptoms of altitude sickness and needed medical attention.

Pascal Shelutete, a spokesman for the Tanzania National Parks Authority, told the newspaper: "We were not given a reason for his failure to reach the peak, but there are reports from his team that he developed some breathing problems."

Don't worry everyone he, and his money are doing just fine.

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