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we gotta fight fight fight fight

This is the "we're fucked for the qualifiers because our coaches are stupid pieces of shit" picspam

Domenech, Maradona and Queiroz. Mix these names with France, Argentina and Portugal and you have a catastrophe. That word happens to be the same in all 3 languages! Coincidence?

France's chances of automatic qualification looked slim after drawing their last game, and their position didn't get any better last night after finishing 1-1 against Serbia. Maradona's side of brilliant Argies turned lost puppies lost to Paraguay and dropped to 5th place. Portugal beat Hungary with a goal by Gremlin Pepe - but all they really did was help Sweden get to 2nd.

So here's a picspam of our favourite NTs that might not make it to South Africa this summer...

1-1 Serbia vs France

why is there a maltball with legs on the field?

oh my bad, that's anelka with some hot serb player


playing against his man chest hair teammate patrice

who plays on the same national team as arse-anal's gall-ass

who's city rivals with chelsea's ivanovic

who's seeking revenge against titi

"that's what you get for knocking chelsea out of the semi finals!!!!"

vidic is trying to seek some hip-thrashing revenge too

bonjour monsieur gourcuff

he's so yummy he's having a taste of himself

things were off to a bad start as their keeper (no, not abidal) got sent off after some diving theatrics from serbia

les bleus played so horribly that no one can bare to watch anymore... -_-

hey punk why didn't you let us win >:|

so another draw, and france aren't looking too hot in their 2nd place spot. who's to blame?

uh what who me?


you see these guns?

der gonna meetchu at the lockerroom, 10 o clock.

sacré bleu!!!

malouda and his cheekbone's fyt

1 - 0 Paraguay vs Argentina

why don't i see gonzalo higuain anywhere?

ring around the rosey, a net full of goalsies

a goal? what's that?

the "lost puppy" mascot

poor thing, he's been traumatized by the ball now :(

kun had the excuse of playing poorly because he thought the paraguay players were his atleti teammates

messi had the excuse of missing his mom :'(

gabriel heinze - why is he a football player again?

things didn't look up after veron got a red card

lavezzi couldn't work his magic either

maradona worried - or just craving a smoke

fulltime. no points.

in their last 5 qualifiers, argentina have only scored 2 goals

can't tell if he's actually concerned or was just born with concerned-looking eyebrows


0 - 1 Hungary vs Portugal

gremlin pepe opens scoring

gremlin pepe chased by an envious non-scoring ronaldo

gremlin pepe celebrates with his gremlin friends

gremlin pepe trying to prove he's not a gremlin

ronaldo takes the 'stepover' too literally

he's still occasionally cr7

"damnit deco, perez doesn't let us go out at night. what did i leave england for?!?"

clever camera tricks to hide bosingwa's unibrow

no red cards for portugal, but a darned injury from international duty

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