I'm way too cescy and absolutely fabregas. (abfabregas) wrote in ontd_football,
I'm way too cescy and absolutely fabregas.

A Ms.Torres, a Mrs. Torres and a Miss Torres.

CONTINUING from that ovary H-Bomb of a post about Nanda and his hoes in Sardinia, I have moar pics regarding that very delicate issue :D

First, a picture to attract you in, Olalla breastfeeding:


Nanda uncertainly handles the pram. "That is a helluva massive thing to carry for such a tiny little squirt!"

I think I can kinda see the Olalla similarity now..

Oh but she's got Daddy's bitchface down PAT.

Yep, bitchface is APPARENT. (Olalla looks ridic cute in that bikini)

Nanda squishes little baby with love

And then squishes Olalla with love. And we all squish each other with love.

(what is he doing? counting the number of babies they'll have next? the number of times Stevie could possibly be pregant? It's a mystery O_O.)

On that note, lets all release our love and end this post with a lovely song from one of my favorite movies (and the actor has a Scouse accent so he's automatically awesome).

Tags: baller babies, el autentico "el niño", fernando torres, holiday, spotted:

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