bawb (x_undercover_x) wrote in ontd_football,

Queen Cheryl of Tweedsland buying the Toon Army

Kidding. But she so would.

Kimburrlay Walsh's wife would love to buy Newcastle United

Cheryl Cole has revealed she would love to buy Newcastle United if she had the money. The wife of Chelsea star Ashley, suggested she still considers the North East her home, and if she had the necessary finances, she would be knocking on Mike Ashley’s door.

Real Radio, host Craig Beck asked Cole: "You must have got a bit of cash. You don’t fancy buying Newcastle and putting Ashley at left back?”

“You know what - if I had that kind of cash I actually would. I would at this stage,”

“I always think of Newcastle as home, that’s my home. That’s where my family are, and where my old friends are.”

“I don’t go back as often as I would like, but I always go up there for Christmas.”

“I go back as often as I can - there is nowhere in the world like Newcastle.”

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