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Nando PES interview

So Nando did a interview with Videogameszone due to being a Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 cover star. In it he talks about what console he prefers, who plays with him at Liverpool and his gaming habits. He's also quizzed about past PES cover stars : )

Fernando, you caused football-Germany pain in the last year. Since your goal in the European Championships-finale our relationship is tensed. How do you want to inspire the Germans about PES 2010? 

I hold the Germans in high esteem. The national team is often in finales of important tournaments, the fans are awesome. Germany with its football passion is a role model for other countries. Challenging this big team in a finale was a special moment for us. I hope that Spain competes against Germany in the next finale of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa again. 

Now we test your PES-knowledge. Who was the Cover-Star two years ago? 

Well, two years ago? Let me think....maybe Cristiano Ronaldo? 

Right. In the same year he won the Champions League with Manchester United. And who was last year on the package? 

Lionel Messi. 

That's right, too! Thereupon he won the Spanish league and the Champions League. This can't be a coincidence! 

Oh, I wasn't aware of this. It would be great if PES helped us to be successful in England and Europe. Maybe it is a sign. 

Every now and then we're hearing about professional soccer players who are also delighted gamers. Are there some of them at FC Liverpool? 

In our team there are especially the young ones involved with gaming, like Ryan Babel or Lucas Leiva, but even Javier Mascherano (Captain of the Argentinian national soccer team). Last summer for example we played a lot during our pre-season training.  A Playstation 3 is always with us and we're having some nice little Tournaments. 

In your opinion, who's better: the real Fernando Torres or the virtual one? 

That's quite a thing. I hope, I will be better in PES 2010, because in the current one many soccer players are faster than the virtual Fernando, and I don't like that. I mean, in reality this is not the case! *smile*

Since when do you know PES? 

Actually since the '90s, when I started my career at the Youth Academy of Atletico Madrid at the age of 11. I remember that there weren't any real player-names in the predecessors of PES. 

Which consoles do you own? 

 A PS3. At friends I'm playing with their Xbox 360's too, but I'm a PlayStation-Fan. 

Do you play online, too? 

Sometimes, but again and again there are these Japanese Hardcore-Gamers, who are too good for me. And I'm really angry when I'm losing an Online-Match. 

How do you judge your own skills in PES? 

Quite good, but in Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 two years ago I was much better. 

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