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It's well known that almost every footballer you could care to mention is a fan of Phil Collins, but when it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo, the compliment is paid back.

The Genesis frontman told FourFourTwo magazine that he is a big fan of Ronaldo as a person, as well as a footballer: "Cristiano sent my boys Christmas presents. He's a lovely guy, really charming - but if I'd never met him I wouldn't have the same opinion. It's wrong to believe the things you read in the papers. With people having a go at Cristiano for diving, if you've got someone chipping away, yapping at your ankles like a dog for 90 minutes chances are you'll get p***ed off. I'm not saying when he stays down sometimes he's milking it - but he's human."

Also, interview with his sister where she talks about him is here. Some parts are in english, some aren't.

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