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bonjour (it's day 2).

How to spot an East German fast:


Applicable unless it's a geisha.

Here we have Michael Ballack. Michael Ballack is a German; Michael Ballack is a douchebag. Here we have him assessing his prey:

A time warp happened between the first and second pictures. Or he quickly changed to blend in with the surroundings.

I can almost see this like a Sims game and Jogi is like '++'

What would that put Micha at?


I think someone needs to reconsider their career path.

Arne without a beard. Oh good god.

Look how orderly that is.

Very German!

Klosely calculating the opposition?

Very German!

I'm talking about Tasci of course, Jogi on the other hand is otherwise occupied.

Miro and his striking partner, Mario Gomez-- I mean Miro and an inanimate object. 20 million less yet just as effective!

Go go Bundesadler!

Stephen Colbert's eagle bids you farewell. Not that Stephen Colbert is German, but I mean-- yeah--

And somehow for a few days this was turned into ontdfb_germany. To assuage all the pointless posting may I direct your attention to loewsmiserables
, a new community where those crazy about the nationalmannschaft can take out their bad karma there. (Mods, if community pimping is not appropriate, I shall take down this plug).

Tags: nt: germany, picspam, team buildin' exacise (not toniiight)

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