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Anderlecht's Wasilewski suffers horror injury

(not for weak stomachs, slow-mo looks awful)

RSC Anderlecht's Marcin Wasilewski has suffered a horror injury after taking a brutal foul against Standard Liege on Sunday. The Polish international was left in agony after the collision with Liege midfielder Axel Witsel - which resulted in a double fracture of his right leg.

"We both went for the ball. I am not a violent player, I don't play football to break legs," insists Witsel who had not meant to harm his opponent.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw with Anderlecht staying on top of the Jupiler Pro League table.

"Wasilewski will later this week undergo two operations on his leg and will be back on the pitch after 10-12 months time." announced Anderlecht. 

Meanwhile, 'Wasyl' has told family and friends that he expects to be back and playing football hungrier then ever after experiencing such an injury.

"It may sound trite, but as the saying goes, what will not kill you only makes you stronger!" Wasilewski told his family.

After hearing the news about Wasilewski's almost career ending injury, Poland coach Leo Beenhakker told media on Monday that the FIFA World Cup 2010 Qualifier against Northern Ireland will be dedicated to the Polish left back.

"Something like this is not very easy to take in. We were counting on Marcin to play a part in the World Cup Qualifier's. The team will play against Northern Ireland for him." said Beenhakker.

Pawel Golanski from Romanian suit Steaua Bucureşti has been called up to replace Wasilewski on the Polish national team.



he was supposed to play in WC qualifier for poland against slovenia next week.


kinda offtopic, but a guy i know broke his thigh bone on five places last week while playing football (he stepped on the ball acidentally). it's a dangerous sport.

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