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The story of La Pulga and BANGS, the story begins!

We have Bojan and Henry...Their mutual affection and respect is well known all over the world and well documented on the interwebs

Theirs is mutual

And today we witnessed the beginning of a new relationship...

"BANGS hugs little Pulgita after assisting on a goal

Ibra is hoping for this to be mutual...

Really, really hoping

In a real fan girl SQUEE kind of way

Pep has to calm the BAS down, in time, in time...

And theirs is a relationship I cannot wait to see unfold on the pitch. In all seriousness what I am seeing makes me more excited to watch Barca's season!

Watch their first work of partnership here (3:05)

Photos from

1 from an earlier thread
and elsewhere

Edited to add: Thanks C, for making this work and adding the video!
Tags: bojan krkic perez, club: barcelona, lionel messi, thierry henry, zlatan ibrahimovic

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