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Getafe are the kings of Europe

What does a fast food chain responsible for rising cholesterol levels in America and a physically demanding sport have in common?

Say hola to Getafe CF's new kits for the 2009/10 season made by Joma and sponsored by hamburgers. The combination of french fries and football seems bizarre, but the company tries to draw similarities by saying how "Burger King's philosophy of 'fun, fidelity and authenticity' identifies with the world of football, especially with 'the spirit of Getafe and their unconditional passion'" Really. I thought their philosophy was just "grease, grease, and more grease". Is it time to make a bad Cron joke?

And just when you thought they couldn't get worse...

They get even better!

Unlike traditional sponsorship deals that simply display the company's logo on the front of the shirt, the ever-so-innovative fast food joint went the extra step to include their mascot's face on the inside as well. Players lifting their shirts and giving us a flash of their yummy torsos just got even more delicious!

These are the instructions players are expected to follow during a goal celebration (Click to enlarge)

Don't laugh. This is GENIUS, just admit it

Marca 1 2

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