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Natalie Spilger is GREEN.......and hot

Natalie is a defender for the Chicago Reds. She started the nonprofit organization Green Laces. They promote a green way of life or some crap like that I don't know there is more under the cut and at the site. But I bought a pair and they're cool and I feel like I have done a little something extra for mother nature.(I made a promise to the environment) Also Natalie is totally hot and therefore ONTD_football material. 

081210spilger.jpg picture by tinaanna

948-spilger-smith.jpg picture by tinaanna

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Natalie has a flicker account with a butload of personal pics. I felt like a bit of a stalker looking through them, but whatever, i snagged ya'll a few

508758395_6dc9f804a7.jpg picture by tinaanna 

Five years ago, Chicago Red Stars defender Natalie Spilger left soccer. At the time she intended the move to be permanent.

“We had a bad break-up,” Spilger says in referencing her relationship with the sport. “For two years I didn’t play anything more than a pick-up game.”

Watching the 2006 World Cup changed Spilger’s mind. Known for her tough mindset and physical play, Spilger found herself captivated by the creativity French midfielder Zinedine Zidane displayed in a quarterfinal win over Brazil.

“(Zidane) brought the passion back to the game for me,” Spilger said. “Watching him, I could really appreciate the magic he brought.”

Her love of soccer restored, Spilger returned to the pitch. A central defender, she led her Swedish club Balinge IF Uppsala in scoring in league play last season, and this January became the 16th overall pick in the Women’s Professional Soccer Draft.

“I am excited to be in Chicago and be a part of the WPS,” Spilger said. “The spotlight is definitely on the players in this league. We have a unique opportunity in front of us, both to bring attention to the sport of soccer and at the same time to do social good.”

Time spent away from soccer had a profound impact on Spilger’s life. She spent lots of time traveling abroad and “rediscovering” herself. A graduate of Stanford University, Spilger followed her interest in the environment to EMCOR Energy Services, where she worked as an energy engineer.

As the California native returned to professional soccer, Spilger worked to find a way to bring her passion for the environment along with her. In 2008, GreenLaces was born.

A nonprofit organization, GreenLaces’s mission is to activate athletes to be global leaders in the country. The organization works with youth athletic leagues and after-school programs to educate children on the importance of recycling and eco-friendly lifestyles. It also recruits professional athletes that work to protect the environment to make their efforts public by publishing them online. Among the elite athletes to join GreenLaces so far are US softball pitcher Cat Ostermann, US soccer players Heather O’Reilly and Hope Solo and former national team member Brandi Chastain – who serves on the organization’s Board of Directors.

“The effort has been received extremely well,” said Spilger. “Athletes are realizing that as role models we can use our presence to inspire those around us to get involved in environmental causes that affect everyone on the planet.”

Spilger and the GreenLaces athletes visually demonstrate their environmental promise during competition as well by lacing up their shoes with green shoelaces – of course made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic.

article source

Spilger_headshot_226x283.jpg picture by tinaanna

948-devanna-dalmy-spilger-argueta.jpg picture by tinaanna

She sure did do some traveling she has pics from Guatemala, Mediteranean, Greece, Mexico, Turkey, Burmuda and a bunch of places in the states. I want her life.

1443514129_5c5f516196.jpg picture by tinaanna

2230246108_4f38ceae86.jpg picture by tinaanna

Blonde hair
2093060678_7305d90fd7.jpg picture by tinaanna

short hair
566814230_29714d0943.jpg picture by tinaanna

hot friends
2229828863_687c86d382.jpg picture by tinaanna

Ron motherfucking Jeremy! I wonder if he showed it to her. Would you ask to see it? I think I just made myself puke.
2093113444_1fe0fe2e53.jpg picture by tinaanna

Holy shit the dude from Alias!
550328805_0e419f01c9.jpg picture by tinaanna

Red Hair
2552233832_a6954ed62d.jpg picture by tinaanna

No Hair!
508743294_d871205b21.jpg picture by tinaanna

1444407184_ea90b9b436.jpg picture by tinaanna

I think this is her novio, he is in a bunch of pics. HOT!
2092240281_ea23a5e5c7.jpg picture by tinaanna

508762311_b78f9982b8.jpg picture by tinaanna

508762295_47033002cd.jpg picture by tinaanna
I have know idea what kind of fuckery this is but OMG the abs!
1338383982_7b14b38c38.jpg picture by tinaanna

Ok I have played soccer all my life and my ass does not look like that.
3437924485_017ce765f5.jpg picture by tinaannagood bye

Anyone know the best way to contact Zidane? Send him some green laces.
Please pass on the Green Laces info to other footballers and the football lovin folk! I'm talking to you Cesc facebook stalkers!

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