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Bradford City Fire 24th Anniversary

So basically my home town is Bradford, West Yorkshire and we're about the 7th biggest district in the UK. We're also the home of Bradford City Football Club AFC and today is the 24th anniversary of the Bradford fire in which 56 fans lost their lives and around 265 were injured.

City remembers the 56

The 56 people who died 24 years go in the Bradford City Fire Disaster were remembered today at a special memorial service.

The city came to a standstill for one minute at 11.00am as respects were paid in Centenary Square. The City Hall flag flew at half-mast as a gathering of civic dignitaries and the public came together at the memorial sculpture.

Bradford's Lord Mayor Councillor Howard Middleton hosted the service to remember all those who died, the hundreds who were hurt, and their families.

On May 11, 1985, tragedy struck when Bradford City played Lincoln City. Shortly before half-time a blaze engulfed the main stand.

Joining leading community figures were the Mayor and Mayoress of Lincoln. Bradford City chaplain the Reverend Andy Bowerman and the Lord Mayor's Chaplain Canon Denise Poole led the service.

Bradford City manager Stuart McCall played in the fateful game in 1985 and his father Andy was among those badly injured in the blaze.

Two Lincoln fans also perished and the two clubs have forged a close bond in their suffering.

It was only in 2007 that Bradford City played Lincoln City in a league fixture for the first time since the disastrous fire.

As well as a minute's silence, Monday's service also included prayers and the laying of wreaths, joint-Chairman laying the wreath on behalf of the club.

Lord Mayor of Bradford Councillor Howard Middleton said: "We must reflect and remember all the people who were affected by this disaster.

"This is an incredibly significant date for the people and city of Bradford to come together and remember."


You can also read more here:
and here:

So yeh this is kinda a big deal for me and I sorta wanted to share it with you all. As a Liverpool fan this helps me relate more to Hillsborough, but this is a lot closer to my heart as me and everyone I know, knows someone who died or was injured there, and my dad was also there (though he wasn't injured thank god) and even today you can still see people walking around with the burns they got on that day.
Thanks a lot for reading this

(also this is my first post and if it went wrong I'm sorry)

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