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According to a report by Jonathan Johnson of Bleacher Report and ESPN, Laurent Blanc is on the hot seat at Paris Saint-Germain.

If the French giants aren’t able to defeat Barcelona in Tuesday’s Champions League clash, Blanc could be under serious pressure from the club’s hierarchy and according to Johnson, this weekend’s league draw with Toulouse has ratcheted up the heat even more.

The assessment of Blanc’s position may be a bit of an unfair one, given that star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is out for the forseeable future with a heel injury. ("nnn bye bitch," pep whispered and pricked the good sis zlatan, destroying ha chances of playing.)

To see how PSG fare without him, just look to last year’s competition when the club crumbled to Chelsea in the second leg of their quarterfinals, unable to get just one away goal which would have seen them well through.

Zlatan was involved in nearly half of all PSG’s Ligue 1 goals last season with 26 goals and 16 assists (PSG scored 84 goals altogether) and scored 10 of their 25 Champions League goals during the previous competition.

“The only way we will find our level again is by playing because it is our philosophy and the players adhere to it,” Blanc said about his team. “Barcelona have had this philosophy for 30-40 years and see where it led them. We lack aggressiveness when we don’t have the ball.” A harsh but true assessment of his side.

(mm yas gurl, however you STAY fuckin up the programme when you play us in 4-3-3 and shit when everyone knows we do better with 4-2-3-1. sooo )

If that wasn’t enough of a shot to PSG’s chances, captain Thiago Silva (don't even get me started on this extremely talented flop) and electric winger Ezequiel Lavezzi (one of his booty cheeks gave out*) are also injured, with both likely out as well. :((

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The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, is confident his country will host the 2022 World Cup. Photograph: Xinhua/Landov/Barcroft Media

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, believes his country will host the 2022 World Cup despite Fifa’s ongoing investigation into the bidding process and concerns over when the tournament will take place.

Fifa’s ethics chief, Michael Garcia, this week reiterated his call for his report into the 2018 and 2022 bidding processes to be published in full. However in his first interview since succeeding his father, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani last year, the Emir dismissed concerns over corruption. “People should understand that Qatar had the best bid, and Qatar will provide and will do one of the best World Cups in history and I’m sure about that,” he told CNN.

“People don’t want to accept, don’t want to realise that a small country, Arab, Muslim country, can host a big event like that.”

A Guardian investigation earlier this year revealed that hundreds of migrant workers have died in Qatar since construction of the World Cup stadia began, with the International Trade Union Confederation estimating 4,000 could be dead by the time the World Cup begins.

“Yes, it’s true – we had problems,” the Emir said. “We’re solving the problems. We’re enforcing the laws – it’s not acceptable.”

“We changed the laws. They are enforced and there are many laws that have been changed. And I’m telling you because I am personally hurt about the situation.

“All the media is concentrating on Qatar due to the World Cup. If we have problems I don’t mind talking about the problems. But also we need to talk other – about other things, about those laws that we did.”

The players’ union FifPro and several major European leagues have voiced their concerns at the prospect of the World Cup being played in summer temperatures up to 45C, with Fifa due to decide in February whether to move the tournament to the winter months. However, the Emir insisted that hi-tech air conditioning systems could make it possible to hold the tournament in summer.

He said: “We have this technology for ten years now and it’s working in one of our stadiums. One hundred per cent it will be working.

“Our bid was for it to be in summer. At the end, it’s up to Fifa to decide when is the best time. We’re ready for both.”


An interesting article from Fortune on why the World Cup will be held in Qatar: HERE

Frustration: Pellegrini reacts during his side's 2-2 draw with Arsenal at the Emirates on Saturday.

Manuel Pellegrini has hit out at the way Arsenal remain seeded in the Champions League – despite having only finished fourth in the Premier League.
The Manchester City manager said it was “not good that the teams who play qualification because they finished fourth in their domestic leagues are in Pot One [seeded], where the strongest teams should be”.

City are the Premier League champions but were in Pot Two for the draw – Arsenal’s status is related to their consistent qualification for the tournament – and have to face Bayern Munich, CSKA Moscow and Roma to reach a place in the last 16.
“Our group seems unbalanced,” Pellegrini said. “In our group we have three domestic champions – the English champions, the German champions and the Russian champions.

“I think we need to find a modification whereby, for example, all teams who play qualification [ie, Arsenal] go into Pot Four and all champions and those who have lots of points in Europe [a high coefficient] go into Pot One.

"There is a need for some modification to not let something like what happened to us happen again and then, on the other hand, for the teams who play preliminaries to not appear to be the most important ones in Europe.”

Pellegrini will watch the match on Wednesday from the stands as he completes a two-match touchline ban for controversial comments about Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson last season.

Twenty-four hours earlier Arsenal face Borussia Dortmund – also away – with Jack Wilshere suggesting it would be the “icing on the cake” to Arsène Wenger’s career as the club’s manager to finally win the Champions League.

“He has been 17 years [as manager] and had one final – he came close to winning that, he was unlucky, he had [goalkeeper Jens] Lehmann sent off [in the 2006 final] – so I think this is the one he really, really wants, as well as the Premier League, because he wants it for us. But if he gives the Champions League to us it will also be like a present [from us] to him if we win the Champions League.”

The midfielder stressed it was important in a group that also contains Galatasaray and Anderlecht that Arsenal finish top. “Over the last few seasons we almost thought we were finishing top and we lost the last game and it has cost us.”


Pelle, stop complaining about Arsenal and think about your own team!

Manchester City’s huge fine for breaching Uefa’s financial fair play rules is to be shared out around the other clubs in the Champions League.

City were fined £50m for the FFP breaches but will only have to pay around £20m if they comply with the break-even rules in future seasons.

The first tranche of payments from City, Paris Saint-Germain and Zenit St Petersburg will total £20m and will be split among the Champions League and Europa League clubs who did comply with the rules last season.

A similar sum will be distributed to clubs who comply with the FFP rules in this season’s European competitions. That means Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Swansea City and Wigan Athletic are the English clubs in line for a windfall of around £200,000.

The European Clubs’ Association chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said Uefa had agreed the fines should go to the other clubs.

He told a news conference in Geneva: “It was an agreement between Uefa and the clubs that it was money belonging to the clubs.”

The clubs will have a chance to argue any changes to FFP rules at a meeting with Uefa on 13 October.

The Uefa president Michel Platini said in his speech to the ECA: “The framework for financial fair play must be dynamic, it must evolve constantly, which is why I have convened an important round table on the subject with your representatives at Uefa headquarters on 13 October.

“We will see whether any imperfections can be ironed out and whether there is room to further improve the system.”


Thoughts? Is this the right way to use the fines?

UEFA president Michel Platini has said awarding the next two World Cups to Russia and Qatar was "the right decision."

Speaking to German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, Platini said he had voted for both host nations -- a decision he said he had taken for "the development of football."

Platini also told the paper he opposed European Union suggestions that the 2018 Russia World Cup should be boycotted because of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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not sure... if these people listen to themselves when they speak.
Oh dear oh dear.

In the understatement of the century, the Guardian reports:

The pair have had a troubled relationship ever since Keita’s time at Barcelona, when he accused Pepe of racism after a Spanish Supercup clásico in 2011.

Keita appears to still hold a grudge against the Real defender.
[Note: Really? Are we sure about that?] He saw him coming in the pre-match handshakes and blatantly refused to follow suit and threw a water bottle which narrowly missed the Portugal international.

There were conflicting reports all over twitter and tumblr yesterday. So here's the footage.

Well, after a month of World Cup fever, reality hit us hard. The last two weeks have been turbulent and violent and now, thanks to the great nation of Qatar, things have taken a turn for the (even more) depressing.

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This is just utterly depressing. As a South Asian, it just hurts even more for me. It's pointless asking questions like why FIFA is still allowing this go through. Because nothing has changed.
19 July 2014 @ 01:19 am
A public announcement, hereby decreed by Lord Bendtner ...

AND he's a "free agent"! Snap him up while he's still hot! Just don't jostle him too hard, because modesty.

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