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Haven't seen this posted, but via The Spoiler:

Alexandre Pato has been hailed by AC Milan teammate David Beckham as one of the brightest hopes for the future of football, but his skill on the pitch may soon be overshadowed by his tendency to get his junk out in front of a webcam.

A video on Brazil’s most popular humour blog (warning: incredibly NSFW) suggests that the nineteen-year-old was targeted by a fake internet groupie named ‘The Blond of The Internet’. Undeterred by this ridiculously suspicious moniker, the excitable Brazilian was allegedly lured into removing his clothes during a webcam chat with said fake groupie.

It’s not 100 per cent certain that the star of this video is Pato, but we know he is partial to trawling the web for ladies: he met his WAG Stephany Brito online.
[The Spoiler]


Being the self-sacrificing, generous human being I am, I've checked out the link myself. Translated from the website:

BOMB! Alexandre Pato cheated on Stefanny Britto with me via webcam... it happened today 18-04-2009 - why is it that people with so much money and going out with such a beautiful person do this? ... I'm searching around the site for The Sun to send this material...

(FYI, Pato's WAG, Stephany Brito (that's the correct spelling, btw), looks like this.)

She goes on to ask people to mark him from five to ten (in the blog she explains: "5 = more or less, 6 = normal, 7 = it'll do to play around with, 8 = great, 9 = tasty, 10 = perfect") in the comments, gives her email address, and says that anyone who wants to see bits of the conversation can go to her Orkut profile.

Oh, and leaves like eighteen pictures of his cock. [VERY VERY NSFW.]

Here's the picture from the beginning of the video:

And another:

So what do we think?

Is it bb Pato on the webcam? And if so...

...where has he been hiding the substantial package seen in this video right here?
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