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europa league


Europa League results

Europa results. Mixed night for English teams.

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Yes Lacazette!

Sorry guys, I can't find much pictures of the matches (Europa League isn't like, Champions League saturation over here)so I'm trying experiments with various twitter posts to bring the flavour of Europa to the post. The EUFA Europa League account on twitter makes the coverage fun and engaging

Gent 1- 0 Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs have it all to do now... at Wembley!

The only highlight of the match, tbh. Spurs were sloppy

Manchester United 3- 0 St Etienne

Zlatan got a hattrick

Pogba played against Pogba in the match. One is Paul Pogba, £100m midfielder, face of Adidas and Manchester United. The other is a defender for St Etienne

I see the resemblance

Wait, Pogba wears braces? Wow, didn't know

OP: Done! My fingers have chilblains on them and it's hard to type. Any news to share, share here! If FFF isn't posted *nudges mod* you can use this as an FFF post too, because I miss it!
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