jazzypom (jazzypom) wrote in ontd_football,

champions league


Bayern Munich 5- 1 Arsenal

Tale of the tape

High score, so the photographs are going to be the personification of onanisms, tbh

Can't hear you over the sound of awesome, tbh

Arsenal isn't my team, but I WANTED them to do decently enough for the English coefficent, but ehhh. What's the point of getting top four if you're going to do THIS? I really thought that after 2-1 they've have gotten everyone behind the ball
That work rate though

Pressure on Ancelotti and Bayern? What pressure?

Sanchez sending telepathic messages to his agent

Bye, Arsenal!

A pictorial summation of the game

Real Madrid 3- 1 SSC Napoli

Tale of the tape

Reina, LFC can do with you right now

Napoli played thrillingly

Real Madrid got a result

But I like the cut of Napoli's jib

Benzema is rumoured to be moving away from Real Madrid? Why?

Social Media

2017 filled with shock and awe

Arsenal's night started so promisingly too


OP: Done!
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