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  • Sergio Busquets @FCBarcelona: "The were better than us. They played better, they were better tactically, they out-did us physically." #UCL true

  • Chelsea boss Conte to go back to Juventus for Marchisio

  • Ronaldo has recoverd from knock for Real Madrid quelle suprise

Champions League Matches

PSG 0 - 4 Barcelona

Here is Paris! Setting the stage for the match

When Cavani didn't have to waste so many shots on you, you know you're in trouble

Uniforms still ugly though

Personfication of Barcelona on the night

I wanted to see how Draxler performed before he forced another move. He did very well. Gomes was a shambles, the heck?

DiMaria did really well!

That score! Umery has a clean sheet, but dirty underwear

Neymar is me

A review

Benfica 1- 0 Dortmund

The beginning

Say something nice. His waist is snatched to the gawds

Auba missed a penalty. How, sway!

He is me

A summary

Damn it, Dortmund
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