Like a magpie I live for glitter, not you (melj1213) wrote in ontd_football,
Like a magpie I live for glitter, not you


*blows dust off comm*


Wow it´s been a long time since I´ve been in here ... feels like we need a revival ready for the WORLD CUP and what better way to do it than with a bit of community cooperation and participation, because a World Cup is nothing without ...

And anyone who has ever done a Panini sticker album before knows, you need lots of stickers but that also means that you end up with lots of duplicates ... which is where this post is going to come in!

Leave a comment with a list of either the stickers you have to swap, or the stickers you need and other members can reply with the stickers they need/have ... then you can take it to the DMs (or twitter, as most of us are there too!) to trade contact info to get your stickers on their way worldwide XD

Tags: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, $ £ €, =======‹() brrrrrRRRRrrrRrr !!!, buying shit, church of thighentology, epic, fifa, fistorical post, footballers gone wild, goly fucking shit, holiday, holy fucking shit, hurry, i can't think of a fucking tag, i don't believe in lj-cuts, i love you all, internationals, is this real life?, legit and awesome, members, nt: argentina, nt: brasil, nt: cameroon, nt: chile, nt: colombia, nt: croatia, nt: côte d'ivoire, nt: england, nt: france, nt: germany, nt: italy, nt: japan, nt: mexico, nt: netherlands, nt: nigeria, nt: portugal, nt: russia, nt: socceroos, nt: south korea, nt: spain, nt: united states, nt: uruguay, nutworking, oh, oh god please yes, paul the psychic octopus, sexo, shaking and crying, shameless plug, srs bzns, stick it anywhere u want, twatter, twitter, unbridled joy, vuvuzelaaaaaaaaaaaaaah not the bees!!, waga waga tag tag, world cup 2014, yes please
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