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Red card domestic violence

This weekend in Argentina, referees and players joined a campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence.

This weekend, in Argentine football, there was a very interesting move in much of previous games. Before cordial greetings between teams, red cards were in the air, justified. They were part of an awareness campaign against gender violence.

The teams of Boca, San Lorenzo, Tigre and Atletico Rafaela, among others (including the Second Division), went onto the field and displayed a sign reading "Red Card The Abuser".
In addition, raised their hands to show the same color acrylic used by referees at the time of expulsion.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness in society about the Argentina issue of violence against women, a scourge that is growing every day in the country.

According to the civil association "La casa del encuentro", one that works on the subject, in the first half of 2012, 119 women were murdered, mostly by their current or former partners.

Source: http://www.ole.com.ar/fuera-de-juego/Roja-violencia_0_767323542.html
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