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When they said "You need to rehabilitate your team's image", I don't think they meant with Photoshop

Usually I show up to post egregious modelling from the Bayern Munich catalogues, but this time I cannot contain the shock and awe that is the Spring/Summer 2012 Liverpool FC catalogue. We are not here for the awkward modelling or horrendous casual wear, we are here for the scary waxen disease and cranial enlargement that seems to have befallen the team.

This feels a little Boston Red Sox-y to me, minus the letter style.

Is Maxi's head really this large? Is he just disproportionate? Are we copying and pasting his face onto someone else's body?

The tilted head is killing me.

I pray every day that you'll score in the league sometime soon, Andrew.

I find this one genuinely frightening. You seriously need to go to the online catalogue and view this one full size.

Head also seems a little large on this one.

Photoshop > Filter > Facial Hair > Stubble > 10%

I wish they'd make him pose with teddy bears in LFC kits or something.

There is literally nothing real in this picture, not even the feeling of joy that Kels usually inspires in people.

And in case for some reason you haven't yet been convinced that there is some horrific Photoshopping going on in this catalogue, I give you the woman representing the women's clothing section:


The clothing collection itself is the usual combination of hideous graffitied and ornament-laden graphic treatment, although some of the more minimalist pieces may be okay. My favourite in the collection, though, is this men's polo shirt which at first I thought was horrifically ugly but now I kind of love the more I look at it:

It's already sold out on the website!

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