scavenger of human misery (piratesswoop) wrote in ontd_football,
scavenger of human misery

Lady Gago is getting married!!

Argentine women's tennis player Gisela Dulko announced today in Miami that in July, she will marry the fellow Argentine, Real Madrid footballer Fernando Gago, and will thus not participate in the Federation Cup series that home team will play in Japan in mid-November.

The announcement indicates that the midfielder, formerly of Boca Juniors, may not be a part of the Argentina team that will play the Copa America tournament. Selections will be announced in the country on 1 July.

Gisela Dulko, the number one tennis player from Argentina, and Italy's Flavia Pennetta beat Julia Goerges and Lisa Raymond 6-2, 6-4 this weekend to advance to the quarterfinals of the doubles tournament at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.

The press Buenos Aires says that Dulko (26 years) and Gago (25) met during the Madrid Masters tournament in 2009. Prior to dating Gago, Dulko had relationships with fellow tennis players Tommy Robredo, Fernando Verdasco and Fernando Gonzalez.


btw it was gisela who convinced fernando to cut his hair!!! also, they used to tweet together under a dual account
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