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Fappedy fap fap fap... fap.

Each magazine or newspaper from countries like Spain, Germany, Russia and Holland chooses its top side, and the results are combined to produce the best overall team.

For last month, January 2011, a total of 60 footballers were named, including 10 different Barcelona players, nine from Arsenal and five from Manchester United.

And just how many of these 60 players do you think were English?

The answer is one. Yes, the experts of the European game concluded that just a single English footballer was worthy of being selected on their performances in January.

It is an indication of how low the reputation of our players has sunk. (Lol Daily Express, u mad)

Can you guess which English player made the cut, chosen in the best 11 of the A Bola publication from Portugal?

I’ll give you a few clues.

He wasn’t in the England squad that went to Denmark in midweek. He has never played for the full England team, and only twice for the U21s. He has made only 11 career appearances in the Premier League. He is aged 20.

Still struggling?

Well, take a bow Martin Kelly, the young Liverpool defender with a real football talent.


Talented, future captain, handsome, talented, mature, talented, handsome, very tall, talented, deserves more recognition, did I mention that he's also talented? And handsome.

This post is brought to you by ontd_liverpool.

EDIT: I've looked everywhere for the team of the month in full and I cannae find it, if someone has the link, post it and I shall add it.

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