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Attention ladeez: Someone's a free man again.


Hem hem. Grain of salt included. While a break-up with one's fiancee is certainly never a cause for celebration, this one seems to have gone well as far as break-ups go. On the eve of Nov 11th, Mesut Özil attended the Bambi award ceremony without his girlfriend, Anna Maria Lagerblom, and according to Berliner Morgenpost, confessed to a friend his relationship was over.

The mother of all German tabloids, Bild, seems to have dropped the bomb first. While you should never, ever listen to something Bild says, they do quote Anna-Maria herself, and it's starting to appear on other German media.

Translation of relevant passages follows. Please note all bad puns are not my own. Neither is the bad writing.

Their love fell apart due to homesickness

Millions of Germans were watching as football hero Mesut Özil (22) accepted his Bambi award on TV. He attended the ceremony without his girlfriend, skillfully dribbling around any questions. Cause the game is over: Özil and Anna-Maria Lagerblom (28) are no longer a couple!

Anna-Maria, little sister of pop singer Sarah Connor, confirmed to BILD: "Yes, we are separated.“ Özil himself only said that he would not comment on his private life.


"That kind of life wasn't for me. I just didn't like the way I lived," Anna-Maria told Bild. "Life with a star who's rarely ever home. Life in a golden cage - alone in Madrid, far away from my own family."

Anna-Maria Lagerblom: "I am glad to be my own person again. I am happy again." Three weeks ago, she returned to Germany with her son. [Note: 6-year old Montry, from another relationship]. "It was only meant as a vacation. But then I decided not to return to Mesut's side."

Was there any fighting between the two?

Anna-Maria: "No, we did not have a break-up fight. Mesut Özil is a wonderful human being. It just wasn't working out."

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