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Thomas & Lisa Müller and Audi Generation Award

Thomas Müller won an Audi Generation Award.

Thomas went there, of course, with his lovely wife Lisa.

A little snippet of the Audi Generation Award thing:

The honorific speech for Thomas was held by the famous moderator Waldemar Hartmann. He joked: "I wish you for your marriage a long, faithful contract. Right now I can't remember anyone from the football business who could be a role model, Lothar Matthäus probably not..."
(note from me: Lothar Matthäus was married four times, recently is still married to a woman 26 years younger than him and there was lots and lots of drama going on...)

Müller's direct counterattack earned lots of laugther - and won favours: "This contract is perpetual." 


Lovely video featuring Lisa talking about Thomas, their partnership and so on.

This is the sweet wife of the World Cup-hero Thomas Müller - Lisa Müller. She crossed her fingers for her husband when he was scoring goals for Germany in South Africa. But today the 20 year old takes the centre stage herself and is getting styled like a celebrity. But all the attention about herself has her feel a bit uncomfortable.

Lisa: "I did not score any goals, I did not play such a great football as Thomas did, either. So, I didn't achieve that and therefore I consider it difficult that one makes a fuss about me when I just-, I am just a normal woman and just am married with Thomas, who now made such an advancement, and as I said, I just am happy for my husband."

Modest, down-to-earth and family-orientated. The Müllers are the dream-couple of German football. However, a marriage at the age of 20 is rather uncommon these days.

Lisa: "For us it was just so obvious, because we are so in love with each other, to take this step. And, as already said, he made the proposal of marriage on Christmas 2008. Back then a contract as a professional wasn't even in sight for him, so it really is love and not something else."

Lisa is athletically active herself. She does riding competitions in dressage and jumping. She already was able to share her love for horses with her husband, but not only for that she loves her Thomas.

Lisa: "He is very humorous, so he is-, you can laugh with him all day long. But one also can discuss serious topics with him. So he just is...the perfect man. And as I already said, if there is a mistake I just love this mistake all the more."

Lisa Müller often is separated from her husband, but waiting is part of the job of a wife of a footballer. After his return from Africa, finally a happy reunion is about to take place.

Lisa: "Of course, my happiness is very big! I am so happy that after seven weeks, he-, Thomas is finally back! And then, at first, we will go on a short trip to Austria for vacation. And I am already looking forward to it; with our dog, and everything that is there."

And then both of them can spend undisturbed days together. But after the vacation Lisa Müller has to share her Super-Man/Super-Husband with FC Bayern again.
(note from me: In German spoken language there is an ambiguity in "Supermann"; either it can mean Superman or Superhusband)

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