the tigerbunny (purequicksilver) wrote in ontd_football,
the tigerbunny

Can anyone blame them?

So apparently, the North Korean team is missing four of its players. Let's hear what has to say about the matter:

World Cup 2010: four North Korea players fail to show for Brazil match

North Korea was scheduled to hold a press conference Friday in which it would be asked why four of its players did not show up for the team's opening match of the World Cup.

Missing in action: North Korea's substitutes bench was four players light during the 2-1 defeat to Brazil.

Four players: forward An Chol Hyok, goalkeeper Kim Myong Won, and midfielders Kim Kyong Il and Pak Sung Hyok were listed as officially absent for the 2-1 loss to Brazil on Tuesday.

South Korea's Ilgan Sports newspaper reported on its website that North Korea originally submitted the names of 23 players to world football's governing body FIFA for the Brazil match, but on game day Tuesday, it submitted a different team list with only 19 names.

Seriously, could anyone blame those guys? I probably would have done the same before they could lock me down in my own country again. :P

What happened to the North Koreans?

got eaten by dogs in an act of revenge
eloped to Las Vegas (it's gay, uh, guy love)
fell into the wrong end of a vuvuzela (black hole effect)
their heads exploded when faced with freedom
EXTERMINATED by state security personnel wielding plungers
something even MORE horrible (which I will elaborate in the comments)
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