annie (teenny) wrote in ontd_football,

Last Real Madrid Pic spam of the year


he is staring at me

that's Kaka

Looks like we know who the on field back-up goal keeper is.

put that thing back in your mouth!

Stars! they're just like us.....................C Ron checking out Benzema's ass


Sergio being totally fucking adorable as usual

Marcelo is the Jedi today

Piss conference time

some Christmas pics. I know some were posted but I could not find them. hope some are new, let me know if they are not.

he looks super hot here, thick ass eyebrows and all

I do not understand this jacket

he looks so cute here :)


Bone Us  ~ few picks of Becks that were not posted

now that he is back in Europe he thinks it's cool to use the murse


Tags: club: real madrid, david beckham
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