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as if we haven't had enough drama for one day.

Well, this is a 'wtf'-ery moment.

Jansen's ex- Julia Goedecke (25) has long been pregnant but kept the identity of the father a secret until yesterday; it's Christoph Metzelder, fellow German football hero.

PROVIDED BY: bismarcksotto.
  • He confirmed the news to BILD yesterday. Saying, "yes it is true I will be a father, I am looking forward to it"
  • Both are not having a liaison at the moment Metzelder affirmed he would take care of the girl nevertheless.
  • When asked about a personal future for the pair, Metzelder declared that is not up for public discussion, all I will say is that I will take on my responsibility as father, that is all."
  • It also says that he's been seen with Marie Wellman, a lot recently-- "a relationship to whom he forcefully denies."
  • ETA: [Julia] broke up with Jansen, shortly after he came to HSV in fall of 2008; she's been knocked up for 7 months.
  • ETA #2:  He says that he will not be in a relationship with her.
  • ETA #3: "Goedicke is due to have the Baby in October - a good time for Metzelder to be there with her since that month will see a lenghthy club-football break due to World Cup qualification games scheduled there. As Metzelder has not received a single national team call-up in over a year, it doesn't look like anything will be keeping him from witnessing the birth of his daughter."

Oh dear god, if this isn't true then the BILD will have a lawsuit and a half.

Tags: christoph metzelder, footballers gone wild, source de journalistic integrity, what kind of fuckery...
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