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Exclusive: London life of Andrey Arshavin (Scans)

New issue of HELLO magazine in Russia with exclusive interview of Andrey and Yulia Arshavins.

Yulia and their son Artyom moved in London house from St.Petersbourgh, and it was like a gift for Andrey on his birthday (29 may). Also Andrey tells about his life in London when Yulia didn't come, about their very nice neighbours, English lessons, family walkings.
That he still can walk in London freely, not as popular as in Peterbourgh where he can't come out without disturbing. He and his son love condensed milk. And there's no it in England. And they miss pancakes that Yulia makes with condensed milk. Their daughter Yana is in Russia with grandma now, they'll take her back as soon as their house will be ready inside. Arshavins tell that they have good relationships with Roman Pavlyuchenko, and come guests to each other sometimes.
Also Yulia says - All talk about his poker, but I'm proud that he has assembled a bycicle for Artyom, 'cause scoring goals is his job.

Here are some new photos from London walkings, London bus tour, madame Tussauds, Holmes museum, family on the stadium, Andrey's B-Day, and 1 June in Peterbourgh (Children's day in Russia).

New hair btw

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